Costa Cruises Adds Penelope Cruz for New Ad Campaign

As travelers prepare for the holiday season, Costa Cruises has announced the launch of its new advertising campaign featuring world-renowned actress Penelope Cruz.

The ad campaign will act as a short film that follows a mermaid played by Cruz as she discovers the sound of a Costa ship. Intrigued, she completes a magical passage and boards the ship, learning about the excitement and happiness associated with a cruise vacation.

The short film is directed by Jaume de Laiguana and will be available on television in Italy, France and Spain, as well as through web, digital advertising and direct marketing in all countries served by Costa.

“Penelope Cruz is the ideal representative for Costa Cruises because she embodies perfectly the spirit and beauty of a Mediterranean holiday on board our ships,” Costa Cruises vice president Luca Casaura said in a statement. “She is cheerful and genuine, and is also known for her great professionalism.”

“In fact, the aim of this advertising campaign is to communicate that a cruise is a ‘magical’ holiday, the only one that allows people to discover the world from the unique perspective of the sea, so much so that even a mermaid is enchanted enough to go aboard,” Casaura continued. “And finally the music, the original version of Sapore di Sale by Gino Paoli, the perfect soundtrack that instantly recalls memorable holidays in true Italian style.”

In the background of the ad campaign will be the classic Italian song, Sapore di sale, which was selected to highlight the theme of holidays by the sea and the offerings provided by the cruise line.

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