Cruises: Never do this one thing at the pool on a cruise ship or risk trouble

Cruise ship holidays may be a chance to escape the ordinariness of life but there are still rules in place on board. Some rules may make perfect sense but others may serve to annoy passengers. This particularly applies to those who enjoy spending their days enjoying the sun by the swimming pool. However, usage of pool-side deck chairs does, in fact, come with some rather strict rules.

Cruise ship rules: Why you should never do this with swimming pool deck chairs

You are not allowed to reserve deckchairs, with towels, bags or anything else for extended periods of time.

According to Royal Caribbean’s Guest Conduct Policy: “Pool, deck and theatre chairs may not be reserved.”

The rule comes under the cruise line’s ‘Discourteous or disruptive behaviour’ section in the policy.

Failure “to act in accordance with this policy” can result in intervention by security or other management personnel or more serious action, depending on the misdemeanour.

Cruise website Cruise Critic has shared their advice on what to do if you’re on the receiving end of chair hoggers.

One tip is to simply beat those who attempt to reserve chairs by getting there before them – although this may require getting up early.

However, you are also allowed to ask a crew member to intervene if a chair appears to have been reserved for longer than 30 minutes.

Guests could also move the person’s belongings off the chair, or, perhaps more dramatically, take the entire chair off to another area, leaving the items behind.

For those unwilling to get involved in conflict, consider finding an upper deck, Cruise Critic recommends.

There are more likely to be more chairs and fewer crowds there – although also perhaps less shade.

Another thing passengers shouldn’t do on board a cruise ship is have bad hygiene.

A Royal Caribbean crew member said they hate it “when [passengers] don’t wash their hands after going to the toilet or grabbing food directly from the buffet with their hands,” 

Hygiene is particularity crucial onboard cruise ships as disease can easily spread on board.

Another rule on Royal Caribbean’s Guest Conduct Policy concerns relationships between cruise crew and passengers. 

“Our crew members are friendly, outgoing and helpful, and they will do their very best to make your vacation as enjoyable as possible,” explains the policy online. “Please do not misinterpret their friendliness.

“Crew members are prohibited from engaging in physical relationships with guests.”

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