Emotions in the Travel Workplace – Yay or Nay? ·

Emotions in the Travel Workplace – Yay or Nay?

Emotions bring out the best and the worst in people – is it something you want in your travel business?

Xmas is one of the most emotional times of year.  Times of great joy, the big hugs, but also the massive family stresses and sadly, a surge in domestic violence.  That means your work force is coming back into the office off a peak of emotion. Is that something you want there?

So emotional…the Nay

The connotation for someone is too emotional is  negative.  We think drama queen (male or female), someone who whinges, cant leave it at home and has a negative effect on the whole office. The last thing you want (like we had in an employee quite a few years ago) was a relative newbie who would get off the phone, swear….and be reminded everyone else is still on calls….

You can’t avoid it so deal with it

Unless you are a website (and you failed the robot test) your travel business is about people. Emotions make us human, we all have time off over xmas, so like it or not, they are there, that’s the reality.  Got someone who is bringing baggage in from home?  Use it as an opportunity to help them leave it at the door and be there for them.

From the Stuba team experience, whether it be that agent from hell who decided to unfairly rip into one of my staff, or my staff being there for one another, and me, it can be a tough but ultimately strengthening experience.

I’m for the yay

Emotion is what drives us one step further.  The best agents we see aren’t robots quoting from Expedia and just doing what they are told, but instead the ones who care, who worry, who plan, who empathise, who connect, laugh and smile.  Emotion helps them bring their A-game to the office and in turn, lifts the spirits of those around them.

Companies like WebJet AND BestJet are and were websites and nothing more.  They may have the data, but they will never have the heart and soul of the people in the travel industry.



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