Police Break Up Theme Park Fight Involving 300 People

Serval police departments were called to the Worlds of Fun amusement park in Missouri Saturday night after an estimated 300 people were involved in a massive brawl.

According to Fox4KC.com, the Clay County Sheriff’s Office first received the call of a disturbance at the theme park and arrived to find witnesses claiming a fight broke out among several teenagers around 9:30 p.m. outside Camp Snoopy.

Police said the incident involved mostly juveniles, but they still don’t know what led to the massive brawl. Despite the disruptions to the other people at the theme park, no injuries were reported and police did not arrest anyone.

Law enforcement officials say about 300 people, mostly juveniles, were involved in a fight inside @worldsoffun Friday night around 9p. @fox4kc pic.twitter.com/pD2moHBosV

All of the people involved in the fight were removed from the park.

Most of the officers called to the scene were tasked with working traffic, as there was a flood of parents called to Worlds of Fun to pick up their children following the incident.

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