World's First 360-degree Rooftop Infinity Pool to be Built in London

Those who suffer from a fear of heights may want to skip this story altogether. Or consider yourself warned.

London is set to be the location for the world’s first 360-degree rooftop infinity pool perched atop a 55-story skyscraper. Yep, 55 stories high and just a mere sheet of cast acrylic separating you from the world below.

When plans for the pool were announced last week, it practically broke the internet with excitement and confusion, according to the pool’s designer, Alex Kemsley, of Compass Pools.

Apparently, people around the world wanted to know how exactly swimmers would get in and out of the pool, INSIDER reported.

Have one look at the pictures and you’ll understand where the confusion stems from.

The pool sits 200 meters high in the sky is made from cast acrylic, a material that transmits light at a similar wavelength to water. The floor of the pool will also be clear, allowing swimmers to see and be seen by visitors below.

Yes, it’s all visually jaw-dropping. However, careful observers will note that there’s nothing but water and sky in the renderings. There’s no deck bordering the water on any of its sides. The pool essentially serves as the top of the skyscraper.

INSIDER asked Kemsley to explain just how swimmers would be able to get in and out of the pool, given that there’s no obvious staircase, entrance or exit.

The answer, for inquiring minds everywhere: there’s a tube within the pool that contains a spiral staircase and is entered via a door on the floor below the pool.

The staircase has also been designed so that the top step is nearest the center of the pool so there’s no possibility of falling off the edge of the building, INSIDER reported. Good to know right? (Insert sigh of relief here).

There will not be a traditional lifeguard on duty to keep tabs on those who choose to swim in this skyscraper pool. Why? Because there is literally nowhere for a lifeguard chair. But there will be someone in the pool whose job is to control the staircase.

And for added safety, plans include installing underwater cameras linked to machine learning that will be able to detect if someone’s underwater for a period of time or in danger.

“A lot of thought has gone into the safety side of things,” Kemsley told INSIDER.

The pool will be set atop a skyscraper named Infinity London and could potentially be in construction as early as 2020.

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