Build the perfect Legoland Florida trip for kids and adults

My 8-year old son is a huge Lego fan, so deciding on a Legoland Florida vacation was a selfless act of parenting, right? Putting my son’s travel interests ahead of my own? Kind of.

Truth is, I also love Lego, reflexively offering assistance to my son whenever he begins a build. “Come on, the pieces don’t sort themselves,” I’m likely to say, squeezing next to him at the kitchen table as I begin separating them by color.

My son, on the other hand, doesn’t sort pieces by color. He prefers building in relative quiet, not while listening to my NPR podcasts, which he says make everyone worried, if not frugal. My being the grownup (and with my wife reminding me of the same), I’ll always defer to my son’s building preference, even if that means swallowing hard when he liberally mixes themes, like Darth Vader playing with Duplo characters, for instance.

So when my wife and I decided recently to surprise our son by taking him to Legoland, it was with the understanding, of course, that the trip would cater to his interests. And with the park marketing itself as targeting the 2-12 crowd, that would be the lone option anyway, right?

“Right?” my wife demanded, her finger hovering over her computer’s return key, waiting to finalize our online vacation package purchase.

“Of course,” I whispered somberly. “Of course.”

But with Turks and Caicos taking a back seat to Legoland, I wondered whether grownups — Lego lovers or otherwise — could also experience a rewarding Legoland vacation.

The answer is a resounding “yes.” Children are certain to enjoy their Legoland experience, but parents will find plenty of appealing travel options whether they’re fans of the studded brick or not. It just takes a bit of careful, creative planning.

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