Swimming pools, RVs, farms and boats: Peer-to-peer rentals take cues from Airbnb

Travel planning is becoming more streamlined to benefit both travelers and those looking to make extra cash.

There are companies now that let travelers rent private pools, campsites, boats and outdoor recreation in an Airbnb-style fashion. In turn, owners can make money by being a host to underutilized pools, RVs, farms and vacant land used to host campsites.

Airbnb’s accommodations span over 6 million places in 191 countries, while HomeAway offers over 2 million places to stay in 190 countries. With this massive peer-to-peer renting popularity, other major businesses are jumping on the trip-sharing bandwagon.

Peer-to-peer rentals that go beyond rooms are available all over the world: you can rent a private pool in Australia; pitch a tent on a designated campsite in San Diego; or embark on a kayak tour in Norway.

Here are seven peer-to-peer rentals to consider for your next vacation:

Glamping Hub: Treehouses, vintage trailers and more

A portal for unique outdoor accommodations, Glamping Hub offers over 35,000 peer-to-peer glamping rentals — glamping is where camping and luxury meet: distinct amenities are added to enhance a rugged, outdoor overnight experience. Travelers can select accommodations that range from a vintage glamping trailer in Los Angeles or tiny house vacation rental in Flagstaff, Arizona, to a restored vintage Airstream in Georgia or a houseboat rental in Sarasota, Florida.

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