JetBlue seats wider in revamped cabin

JetBlue has unveiled the second phase of its redesigned Airbus
A320 cabin.

The airline says the revamped interior features he widest
seats available on A320 aircraft as well as enhancements to seatback
entertainment screens. 

The phase one rollout came last year. Both remodeled cabins
have 162 seats, up from 150. To fit more seats, the space between rows has been reduced from 34
to 32 inches. The cabins feature high-definition television and seats equipped
with power outlets and USB ports. 

JetBlue will configure roughly 20 of its 130 A320s in the
phase one style, with the remainder getting the phase two interior, spokesman
Philip Stewart said. 

The phase two interior features a number of enhancements
that go beyond the phase one aircraft. The new seats, manufactured by avionics
company Collins Aerospace, measure an expanded 18-plus inches in width. They
also have JetBlue’s first adjustable headrests and a 10.1-inch high-definition
screen featuring more than 100 television channels as well as an expanded
collection of movies and video games. Other features of the system include the
ability to pause live TV and a picture-in-picture option. 

In another enhancement, the phase two restyled interiors are
equipped with ViaSat-2 WiFi, which functions over oceans, allowing JetBlue to
expand WiFi to nearly its entire route network. 

The carrier expects to have approximately a third of its
A320 fleet reconfigured by the end of the year. 

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