Revealed: the most forgetful Uber riders in the Gulf

A wedding card invitation, a pair of binoculars and even a sibling are among the items left behind by Uber customers in the Gulf region, according to its Lost & Found Index.

It also revealed that the city with the most forgetful customers in the Middle East, North Africa, Afghanistan, and Pakistan (MENAP) region is Qassim in Saudi Arabia.

Abu Dhabi ranks second with Riyadh placing at number five and Dubai at number six, Uber said in a statement.

As for the days and times we seem to be most forgetful, these tend to be towards the end of the week, as on Wednesdays and Thursdays, between 5pm and 7pm our absent mindedness peaks.

While riders across the region are most likely to forget their keys on a Monday, they tend to leave behind their backpacks on a Saturday, the data showed.

It also showed that in the UAE, the first day of 2019 was when Uber had the most instances of someone leaving behind something while for Saudi Arabia it was November 1 2018, while the largest number of riders in Egypt forgot some item or other on January 31.

When it comes to unique items, a rider forgot their pink teddy bear in the backseat of an Uber in Dubai, someone in Egypt left behind a musical instrument, while another rider in Saudi Arabia forgot a broom in their Uber.

However, when it comes to commonly lost items, phones and cameras topped the list in the UAE, Egypt, as well as Saudi Arabia. The second thing that riders from the three countries were likely to leave behind were backpacks, luggage and/or folders.

The 10 most commonly forgotten items:

1. Backpacks/bags/folders/box/luggage
2. Phones and cameras
3. Clothes
4. Wallets and purses
5. Keys
6. Glasses
7. Headphones and speakers
8. Water bottles and thermoses
9. Phone chargers
10. Jewelry & makeup

The 20 most unusual lost items:

1. Pink teddy bear in the backseat
2. Wedding card invitation
3. Dokha Set
4. Shisha
5. Kids scooter
6. Family photo
7. Board game
8. Binoculars
9. A sibling!
10. Concert tickets
11. Towels
12. Graduation cap
13. Platter of eggs
14. Bag of spices
15. Stethoscope
16. Air condition
17. Baby stroller
18. Bag of rice
19. Flute
20. Microwave

The 15 most forgetful cities:

1. Qassim, Saudi Arabia
2. Abu Dhabi, UAE
3. Madinah, Saudi Arabia
4. Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia
5. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
6. Dubai, UAE
7. Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
8. Manama, Bahrain
9. Beirut, Lebanon
10. Amman, Jordan
11. Islamabad, Pakistan
12. Cairo, Egypt
13. Karachi, Pakistan
14. Lahore, Pakistan
15. Hyderabad, Pakistan

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