Cruising: Eight international ports of call for your 2019 itinerary

For cruise passengers, 2019 is shoring up to be a particularly exciting year. Not only are ships returning to places that have been perceived as politically sensitive in recent years-such as Turkey and Egypt-they’re also heading on increasingly remote voyages, to places that feel like the ends of the Earth. Here, the seafaring trips to prioritise in 2019.


Receding glaciers may add a sense of urgency for travellers who wish to explore the seventh continent. For a firsthand look at what’s going on-and to understand the much broader potential global threat from the melting-cruise lines explore Antarctica’s icy waters from November to March. You’ll approach icebergs and glaciers, where the only sound you hear may be cracking ice. Sightings of orca and sperm whales, elephant seals, and human-size penguins are part of the scene. This year, so are new expedition ships with lots of toys, such as the 200-passenger Scenic Eclipse, equipped with a seven-seat submarine and two seven-seat helicopters for exclusive remote explorations of the white continent.

Scenic Eclipse sailings, from $26,790 for 11 days

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