Hong Kong: Big sleepover

A big bustling city can still be a friendly place for the family to stop over, writes Alexia Santamaria.

When flying to the Northern Hemisphere with kids in tow, there are plenty of places to break up the long, long, time in that big metal tube. Hong Kong is an excellent choice as it’s incredibly easy to see many of the highlights in a relatively short space of time. Even better, the public transport is frequent and efficient, and there’s something for everyone on the food front.

Though you could easily fill up a week in Hong Kong, a 48 or 72-hour stopover would give you a pretty good idea of what this vibrant, fun city is all about. Here’s a family friendly itinerary I’ve tried, that works pretty well.


If you have an extra day you can relax the itinerary a bit and spend more time eating at a leisurely pace or mooching round the malls and markets. And if you get sick of the city, it’s only a very affordable, 15-minute taxi ride out to the closest beach or gorgeous hikes in the lush
green hills.

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