World’s most expensive hotel room: Damien Hirst’s Palm Springs Casino Empathy Suite opens

Palm Springs Casino Resort is flush with excitement after unveiling the most expensive hotel room in the world.

The Las Vegas hotel has upped the stakes for high rollers by opening the $100000 ($147000) a night ‘Empathy Suite’.

Designed by maverick British artist, Damien Hirst the 836-square-metre penthouse is a true statement piece. The mad pop-art and pharmaceutical inspired interiors are full of quirky features.

Unveiled on March 1, there has been little time to take it all in.

Two bull sharks preserved in formaldehyde greet well-heeled guests, along with giant pills and butterflies. Hirst’s signature features are all over the property.

While this might not make for a restful experience, guests will not be expecting to get much sleep in this hotel room.

Above the curved private bar, with room for 13, are the words “Here for a Good Time, Not a Long Time.” With the price tag of $200k for a two-night stay, the motto seems apt.

The Empathy suite is also offered to guests who spend over $1 million in the Palms Casino.

The expansive ‘media lounge’ has space for up to 52 guests, and two swordfish. (These marlin, in various phases of taxidermy, are another addition by Damien Hirst.) The place is perfect for the wildest of parties.

Another centrepiece is the games room with a psychedelic pool table and chrome table-top football game.

Jon Gray, general manager of Palms Casino Resort, said: “The Empathy Suite designed by Damien Hirst is the pinnacle of luxury combining museum-worthy art and a truly legendary hospitality experience for the discerning hotel aficionado and casino guest looking for a once-in-a-lifetime Las Vegas stay.”

With these outrageous prices, few visitors will be able to afford to make it anything other than a once-in-a-lifetime.

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