World Travel Holdings joins Travel Leaders Network

World Travel Holdings has joined Travel Leaders Network. It
is the first time World Travel Holdings, owner of the Dream Vacations/CruiseOne
travel agency franchise and Cruises Inc. host agency, has joined an agency network.

Travel Leaders Network said World Travel Holdings will
benefit from its marketing tools and cruise, hotel and air programs. David
Crooks, senior vice president of product and operations for World Travel
Holdings, said the move will help “enhance our current offerings.”

Crooks pointed specifically to Travel Leaders Network’s
Distinctive Voyages and Luxury Specialists programs, as well as the its partnership
with American Express that enables trained agents to use Membership Rewards
points to book commissionable travel.

“As a powerhouse in the travel industry that serves as
home to a vast number of travel agency franchisees and home-based advisors, as
well as a multitude of highly recognizable brands, World Travel Holdings
clearly acknowledged that Travel Leaders Network was the partner of choice,
particularly given our scale and unique ability to integrate their immense
cruise and tour sales volume,” Lovell said.

World Travel Holdings co-chairman and co-CEO Brad Tolkin
called the move “only natural.”

“We chose Travel Leaders Network because of our similar
cultures and their passion for providing the highest level of support to their
travel agent communities,” he said. “We are excited about welcoming
them into our family and joining theirs.”

Besides owning the host agency and agency franchise, World Travel Holdings operates some 35 brands, including a number of online cruise and vacation sellers like and; several resort day pass distributors such as Resort for a Day and Bahamas Day Pass; and villa providers like The company also operates a portfolio of private-label partnerships with airlines, hotels and private corporations. 

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