Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line Gets “Green” Approval from CDC

Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line is the first cruise line to receive a “green” approval from the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), meaning its crew can disembark from ships in U.S. waters using commercial transportation.

“Meeting these criteria does not mean cruise ships can resume passenger operations,” the CDC said on its website. “We don’t have enough information at this time to say when it will be safe to resume sailing with passengers. Cruise lines may need to establish additional safety measures before sailing with passengers is permitted to resume. CDC will continue to evaluate and update its recommendations as the situation evolves.”

Thirty-six cruise ships are listed by the CDC as “provisionally green,” and 13 are “provisionally red.”


At this time, Bahamas Paradise is tentatively hoping to resume sailing July 25 if the CDC’s no-sail order expires on July 24; it could be extended, however.

To receive this approval, Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line met, and will meet moving forward, the following criteria:

– No confirmed cases of COVID-19 for 28 days.

– Crew members must come from a ship that had no confirmed cases of COVID-19 for 28 days.

– Land-based crew who embarked must have been immediately quarantined for 14 days.

– Cruise lines must submit signed attestation of commercial travel.

“Navigating the difficult waters of COVID-19 has been a challenge that our industry has faced with grace, and we’re excited to be the first to receive the CDC’s approval on our No-Sail Response plan,” said Lisa Schillig, director of port and terminal operations at Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line.

“We’ve already implemented all of our new and improved health and safety guidelines onboard, and we know that while cruising will look a bit different when we return, we are doing everything possible to ensure a safe, healthy, and memorable vacation experience.”

New protocols include closing two-passenger stateroom decks to reduce capacity onboard, requiring all terminal staff to wear masks and remain behind safety plexiglass, suspension of self-service buffet stations, keeping tables and seating areas six feet apart, reducing tour buses for excursions to 50 percent capacity, mandatory temperature screenings for all guests, and more.

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