Carnival Just Launched a Cruise-themed Monopoly Game

family playing Monopoly Carnival Fun Edition

If you're tired of counting down the days until your next cruise, there's a new edition of Monopoly that might just satisfy some of your wanderlust.

Carnival, whose ships are still sidelined due to the coronavirus pandemic, is releasing a custom cruise-themed edition of Monopoly. The board itself features an image of Carnival's newest ship, Mardi Gras, pulling into a sandy beach paradise surrounded by clear turquoise water.

Players can expect to get hit with port and airport taxes as they move across the cruise-themed board. They'll also need to pay attention to cruise director announcements and move through squares named after signature Carnival features like Bolt, the world's first cruise ship roller coaster, and the Lido Marketplace, a 24-hour food hall planned for the Mardi Gras as well as the Celebration and Radiance.

Monopoly Carnival Fun Edition

Even the Monopoly money is printed with the cruise line's distinctive funnel, and of course there's an option to choose a cruise ship as your game piece. Just make sure one of your opponents doesn't claim it first.

The Monopoly Carnival Fun Edition is scheduled to begin shipping later this month. The game is available for purchase on Carnival's website for $39.95.

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