Cruise: Aways pack this one key item in your luggage for a cruise holiday to stay safe

Cruise ship holidays see passengers living onboard the huge floating hotels for weeks at a time. As with any holiday, it’s important globetrotters pack for the trip wisely. It’s key to include everything you will need – but without going over the luggage limit.


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An expert cruiser has revealed there’s one key item travellers should always take on a cruise with them.

Author Randall Stewart, shared his insight in his book Best Cruise Tips.

He explained that cruise passengers should take a money belt.

This is to make sure you keep your money and safe when you head ashore on excursions.

“Invest in an under-garment money pouch, “ Stewart wrote in his guide.

“These discreet travel pouches are designed to hold a few bills and some ID under your clothing out of sight.

“Pickpocketing can be an issue in some tourist destinations.

“Being proactive by placing your valuables in a safe location as you explore your Ports of Call eliminates yet another worry.

“It beats trying to hide your money in a shoe, right?”

Stewart also shared his advice on how to deal with foreign currency while away.

He warned travellers to be careful when it comes to ATMs on cruises.

“ATMs aboard most cruise ship dispense cash in U.S. dollars,” he wrote.


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“Using them may cost you a hefty fee, which could be up to $5 in addition to what your bank charges you.

“Using a debit card from a bank that reimburses ATM fees is a great way to save a few bucks.

“If no ATM is available, see if you can use your credit card to draw cash in the ship’s casino, or at the purser’s desk.

“Of course the best course of action is to anticipate how much you might need for cash expenses while cruising and bring that with you from home.”

Equipping yourself with holiday money ahead of the trip is also important due to expensive exchange rates.

“Foreign currency exchange rates onboard ship or in ports of call tend to be pricey,” warned Stewart.

“Your best bet is to get the foreign currencies before you depart on your cruise and top-up at your destinations if you don’t have enough.”

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