Cruise guest complains that terrible passengers ‘almost ruined their trip’

Cruise ships have a huge range of cabins. From penthouse suites with private hot tubs to interior cabins without a window, guests have a lot of choice.

Interior cabins are usually the cheapest choice but guests often get the chance to upgrade if the cruise isn’t full. However, while size is a consideration, guests also need to consider their cabin’s location.

A cruise guest ‘25641throwaway’ wrote on Reddit: “I make sure I don’t get a room that adjoins the next room. I did this inadvertently once and it was horrible.

“The people in the next room would argue constantly, come back late being drunk and argue even more, and then at times they were babysitting a newborn for their kids and the baby would just cry constantly.

“It was very trying and almost ruined the trip. Other than that, I have never heard my neighbours in a normal room.”

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Connecting or adjoining rooms have a door that allows passengers to pass between cabins without going into the hall. If guests don’t know each other, this door will be locked.

However, some cruise passengers complain they’re able to hear more from the neighbouring room if there’s a connecting door. Guests can check with the cruise line if their cabin will have a connecting door.

Another passenger ‘Christopher_Powell’ said: “A lot of people prefer being higher because it’s closer to the pool deck and buffet area. If that’s important to you, then yes, higher is better.

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“If you’d rather be closer to the main dining room or promenade or casino or whatever, then that’s not necessarily the case.”

Most cruise lines put maps of their ships online so guests can check the location of their room before booking. Guests may like to choose a room near the facilities they’ll use the most.

The passenger added: “A lot of people like to stay on a floor where there are only other cabins above or below them, because those tend to be the most quiet.”

Rooms below the pool deck or nightclub could be noisy as crew will set up the pool loungers in the early morning and the nightclub will be busy at night.

However, guests should keep in mind they might have to pay if they want to choose their cabin location. found guests often end up paying a lot for hidden extras on a cruise holiday.

Much like on a plane with seat selection, guests won’t always get the chance to choose their room’s location for free.

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