Cruise guest explains when passengers need to ‘simply say no’

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Cruise ships usually have a huge range of facilities for passengers. From spas to laser quests, passengers never need to leave the ship.

However, a cruise passenger has issued a warning for new guests which might help to save them a fortune.

They said on Reddit: “Many brands have a habit of upselling you at every moment. Know that is going to happen and simply say no.

“Ask your room steward to take all of the ‘For Sale’ stuff out of your room on day one.”

Cruise lines may have deals with some brands and might offer their items to customers in their cabins.

Cruise guests can ask their room steward to remove any ‘For Sale’ items so they don’t feel tempted to break their budget.

The passenger continued: “If you get a massage at the spa, the tip is already included. Yet there is another line for tips. Be aware.”

Many cruise lines include gratuity with the price of an item to ensure that the crew are correctly compensated.

Passengers can choose to tip the crew themselves if they want to reward a staff member for incredible service.

However, guests won’t need to add a tip if they’ve already paid for gratuity as part of their cruise holiday package.

It’s a good idea to check the terms and conditions before a holiday to see whether passengers need to arrange their own tips.

The passenger added: “If you do a complementary speciality restaurant, know the rules and watch for additional cost items.”

Many cruise lines have a few speciality restaurants that guests can pay extra for if they want a different experience.

In some cases, guests may be offered a free speciality meal as part of their package, or a special offer.

Passengers should always check the terms and conditions as drinks may not be included in the package.

Guests also may need to dine from a special menu and not the a la carte if they are eating out on an offer.

Another guest advised: “Always put a credit card on file that is charged at the end of the cruise.

“If you use a debit card, they put a hold on your card for hundreds of dollars that can linger for a week or two, preventing you from accessing those funds.”

Guests will need to check this before putting a debit card on file as it may not be the case on every cruise line.

The guest warned: “You should periodically check your shipboard account to verify the charges are correct.

“Each cruise line makes it easy to access this information, either in an app or on your cabin TV. If you find a discrepancy, contact guest services.”

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