Cruise guest shares last day warning for passengers

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A new cruise passenger asked on Reddit whether they’d be able to use the ship’s facilities on the last day. They wanted to know how long they could stay on the ship on the last day.

A passenger warned: “Please do not linger. The crew are busting their butts to get the shop turned over so they can scramble off ship to get their necessities.

“It’s the most stressful day for the crew and if people linger, it cuts into the little free time they have.

“There are 1,000 crew members waiting for you to get off the ship so they can get toothpaste.”

Just as in a hotel, cruise ship staff need to turn over the ship for the next sailing in a few hours after the passengers disembark.

Another guest added: “They want everyone off ASAP in the morning and waiting in certain areas with their luggage.

“You can’t use anything as it’s closed, but the buffet is open for breakfast. Sometimes it’s shocking how rude and unpleasant the last morning is with their rush to push you out and turn it over.

“Don’t party the last night of the cruise, you have got to be up and out of your room by eight. It’s hell honestly.”

It’s usually a good idea to pack up the night before and avoid going out drinking on the last night of the holiday.

On large cruise ships, guests will usually be allocated a disembarkation time to ease the process.

Sometimes thousands of passengers will be onboard the ship which will mean guests may have to queue to get off.

A guest added: “You will need to exit as quickly as possible. They usually round up your luggage the night before, then everyone has a moment for breakfast before we are herded to specified waiting areas for departure.

“They have to start cleaning and preparing for the people who start boarding at 11-12, so there is no time to linger.

“If your goal is to kill time before a late flight or something of that nature, maybe find an excursion, a private driver or possibly an inexpensive hotel room for the day.”

Most cruise experts advise passengers to book their flight home for the afternoon to make sure they have time to get to the airport.

On the last morning, guests will usually be able to eat breakfast at the ship buffet or in the main dining room.

Crew can collect guests’ large luggage the night before so they will only have to carry hand luggage off the ship.

Sometimes, even passengers who have booked back to back cruises will need to disembark the ship.

A guest warned: “After the last regular passengers have left, you’ll be escorted off the ship to the terminal building.

“They will check your passport and you’ll get straight back on. You’ll have about half an hour of empty ship before the new passengers embark.”

Passengers will usually be able to go back to their original cabin and enjoy the ship before other guests embark.

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