Cruise guests warned by expert to bring item that ‘might sound silly’

Packing for a cruise can be challenging for first-time passengers. Although guests won’t have to worry about liquid limits if they cruise from the UK, there are a few important things to remember.

Depending on the style of cruise, guests may need to pack evening outfits for the ship’s restaurants. If it’s a family-friendly line, it’s likely to be more casual.

Travel expert Nicky Kelvin, from the Points Guy, shared his best cruise packing tips with . The expert said there are a few things people often forget to bring.

Nicky told “Footwear for different occasions. Smart shoes for formal evenings, trainers for off-ship excursions, flip-flops for the pool etc.

“Think of everything you might do and try and pair a type of shoe with each activity.”

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Guests will also need to make sure their shoes are safe for the ship. Flip-flops aren’t allowed in some areas as they could be a slip hazard.

Nicky added: “Jumpers! It might sound silly if you’re cruising in the Caribbean, you might think that the weather will be too hot. However, the interior of cruises is often kept chilly with air conditioning.”

If guests want to sit out on the ship’s deck at night, they might find the wind out at sea makes it far colder than expected. Cruise ships can also change itinerary without much notice.

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Nicky added: “You’ll also need plug adapters for areas you are in. Typically this is covered onboard, but if you need to charge your phone on location while you are off the ship, then it is best to be prepared and have the right plug with you.

“I recommend an adapter that accepts and creates any type of plug so you are covered for all appliances, wherever you go in the world.”

The ship will usually have a range of outlets for passengers but this won’t always be the case. It’s worth checking the ship’s outlets before packing.

The travel expert added: “A water bottle! You can fill it up throughout the day onboard, and keep it with you when you leave the ship for a day out.”

Guests might also want to bring a reusable coffee cup if their ship offers unlimited hot drinks in their deal. Some passengers find it easier to move around the ship using a reusable cup.

Cruise passengers have also raved about a “must-have” item that offers an easy cabin upgrade for under £10.

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