Cruise guests warned to ‘be wary’ about booking excursions

Cruise passengers will usually visit several cities as part of their holiday itinerary. Each port will have a huge range of activities.

Guests will usually have a choice of exploring the area themselves or booking an excursion or activity.

Dave Mills, chief commercial officer at Iglu Cruise and cruise expert, has warned passengers to consider a few important factors before booking an excursion.

He said: “Before your cruise departs, you’ll have a good idea of the destinations you’re going to visit during the voyage.

“You can book onshore excursions before you embark, meaning you’ll get to visit some of the most amazing attractions in the city or location you are visiting.

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“Plus, you have the peace of mind of knowing that your activities are all planned with a trustworthy professional (and you won’t miss your port times).”

Cruise lines will usually release a list of excursions a few months before the trip. Guests can browse and book trips before they travel.

However, excursions booked with the cruise line will usually be more expensive than third-party trips. Guests should check reviews before booking a trip.

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Dave added: “Make the most of your cruise by researching any particular excursions you may want to try in port. It’s best to do this a few months before your trip, as space on these can sometimes be limited.”

Some excursions will have limited space and popular trips can sell out quickly. A travel agent should be able to advise guests if they’re unsure about booking an excursion.

Dave said: “It’s also advisable to be wary about the length and activity level involved in an excursion. Some excursions can require lots of walking, often through narrow streets, steep hills or staircases, so be realistic about your own ability.”

If a guest is unsure about the activity level of an excursion, they can check with the cruise line. In some ports, guests can just walk straight into the city centre themselves.

Guests can also check the daily cruise schedule before booking. A cruise expert recently explained how checking the schedule could help guests secure exclusive offers.

It’s also important to look at different packages before booking a trip as a drinks deal could save some guests money.

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