Cruise guests warned to ‘stop’ annoying activity as ‘no one likes it’

Cruise holidays are usually a relaxing way to explore the world, but guests will have to follow the company’s rules.

These generally vary between lines but there are a few rules that are common on every cruise ship.

While breaking some rules could get passengers thrown off the ship, there are others that just go against etiquette.

James Cole, founder and managing director at Panache Cruises, said: “If you’re not an experienced cruiser then some of these rules may be new to you, but in general you just need to remember to be considerate and patient towards the crew and other passengers.

“Practicing good cruise etiquette will help you prevent getting labelled ‘that cruiser’ who everyone is whispering about and trying to avoid in the ship’s public areas.”

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However, it can be extremely annoying for other guests if passengers are hogging chairs with their towels.

Some cruise lines will remove passengers’ belongings if they’ve been left unattended for longer than half an hour.

However frustrating it may be, it’s important to let the cruise crew deal with the situation rather than starting a fight with another passenger.

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Mind the dress code

James said: “The dress code policy on cruise holidays is much more casual nowadays so you don’t need to bring your best frocks and tuxedos. That being said, it’s still worth being mindful about dressing appropriately for the occasion.

“For example, you can get away with wearing bathing suits, shorts and flip flops to a poolside buffet, however that wouldn’t be acceptable at specialty dining venues. Each cruise line will have different expectations so do your research beforehand.”

Family oriented cruise lines usually have a more relaxed cruise line than those designed for adults. Guests can find the dress code for their cruise line on its website. 

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