Cruise holiday: Cruise crew member shares guest tip – ‘you have way more power’

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Cruise ships have so many activities guests sometimes don’t have time for everything. A crew member has shared a top tip to make sure guests get the schedule they want.

Ezra Freeman works on cruise ships as part of the entertainment team and shared her top tip on her TikTok, @ezrafreeman.

She said: “This is a great little hack. If there’s anything that you think would be a great idea to have on the schedule, ask the entertainment staff if it’s possible.

“This is something people don’t take advantage of. You can literally add it in.

“You have way more power than you realise as a guest. It is literally our job to keep you happy.

“If you ask for it, and we can add it in, we absolutely will.”

Freeman said that most guests are too scared to ask but that staff want to make people happy.

She said: “For example, we have a family on this cruise who love open deck parties and we usually just have one on the first day.

“We have a Sail Away party but they told us they missed the Sail Away party, so we added one every single day.

“Don’t be afraid to ask. We want to make your vacation as fabulous as possible so you can help us out by asking us.

“This kind of ties into another thing. If there is an event that you’re not really sure if you’ll like or not because it’s already included, just give it a try.”

She added that a huge variety of activities including Zumba and shuffleboard are included and guests might love them if they give it a go.

Many guests might be scared to ask to add something to the entertainment schedule but it’s always worth making a request.

Cruise crew go out of their way to make guests’ experience incredible and they’ll want to hear how they can make it better.

Guests should always be polite when making a request. Polite requests are much more likely to be granted.

Sail Away parties are normally very popular onboard cruises with everyone out on deck to see the ship off.

Cruise entertainment has come a long way in the last few years and guests can now expect to enjoy Broadway standard shows.

Royal Caribbean recently launched the world’s largest ever cruise ship, Wonder of the Seas.

Wonder is longer than The Shard lying down and has a whopping 18 decks packed with entertainment and activities.

The ship has a packed entertainment schedule and interviewed 27,000 performers for its shows.

This year’s performers include Olympic athletes and world champion slackliners, all ready to entertain guests.

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