Cruise holiday warning over flights – ‘don’t trust it’

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Unless a cruise departs from the UK, passengers will have to fly to the first port. Some cruise guests have warned other passengers about booking flights.

In most cases passengers will either be able to book their flights with the cruise line or independently.

A guest wrote on Reddit: “I don’t trust an airline to book my cruise so I don’t trust a cruise line to book my airfare.

“If only not to give either one more reason to ban me if there is an issue. I’d suggest a travel agent if you need help with airfare.”

Cruise lines will usually have deals with airlines but some passengers just don’t trust the process.

Travel agents will be able to help passengers book their flights and cruise separately if they want to.

Another passenger agreed saying: “I am way too controlling to let them handle our airfare.

“We mostly cruise from our home port but when we’ve flown I prefer to book on our own with our preferred airline and airport.”

Passengers may have a favourite airline and prefer to fly from a convenient airport. If that’s the case, it’s probably better to book flights separately.

Another passenger added: “Do not let the cruise line book your airfare. When you book, plan to arrive the day before your cruise.”

Many cruise passengers prefer to arrive in the port city the day before their cruise ship is due to depart.

This alleviates the worry of missing the ship due to flight delays or lost luggage and passengers will have time to explore.

Guests who book with the cruise line may have less need to stress as the company should ensure they make their departure time.

A passenger warned: “The airfare with the cruise line means you’re leaving it up to them. Your flight could be at 6am or 6pm.

“And unless you ask for a deviation you’ll be arriving on the day which is usually not a good idea if it’s a long haul flight.”

Some passengers don’t like to board the ship straight after a long haul flight as they may not have enough time to recover.

However, another guest said they prefer the cruise line to manage the flights as it usually works out cheaper.

They said: “I’m willing to save that amount and give up control of the flights. This could work out great if you’re flexible but others will never give up control.

“It also depends who you are travelling with, what location and if you are okay with a layover.”

Passengers who are travelling with kids or don’t live near an affiliated airport may prefer to book their own flights.

Cruise lines will normally offer passengers a deal on flights but it’s also a good idea to shop around before committing.

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