Cruise passenger complains about ‘obnoxious’ guests

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Huge cruise ships can carry thousands of passengers at once. Although many guests have no issues, some passengers might find the other holidaymakers annoying.

A guest shared her thoughts on Reddit. She said she had just got back from her first-ever cruise holiday.

The guest said: “It’s a giant p*****g contest. Everyone wants to know who you are and what you do and why their job is better than yours.

“I swear to God it’s the most obnoxious thing to overhear and even worse when it happens to you.

“I make good money for my age but I’m private about my work because my job is niche and usually people ask way too many questions than I care to answer.”

The first-time passenger said they had been shocked to see how much some guests competed with each other.

If guests want to avoid interacting with other cruise passengers, they may need to think about the line they choose.

Some cruise lines encourage guests to mingle and will have a lot of social activities for passengers.

On other cruise lines, guests will rarely mix with other passengers and don’t need to get to know their fellow travellers.

Even on one cruise ship, some guests may mingle while others prefer to keep to themselves.

One guest said: “This is super interesting to me because it gives me a completely different perspective.

“Me and my partner are super shy types and I doubt this stuff would ever happen to us because we just wouldn’t start conversations with anyone!”

A passenger added: “We don’t see the party crowd. We just like to eat, read and sit in the AC with no expectations.

“We don’t like the sun. We don’t like the pool. We don’t see half of these things because we don’t talk to people or stay up late.”

The original passenger said: “Yeah I’m a social butterfly, I tend to talk to a lot of people. Maybe on my next cruise I’ll play it a little below the radar and see what my experience is like.”

Another guest said they hadn’t been asked about their career but had faced a lot of questions about their cruising experience.

They said: “On our first cruise we ended up at a dining table with strangers all older than us.

“For them it wasn’t how much you made but how many cruises you had been on. Some were offering advice, but some were simply scoring points.

“One night I said we were concierge class. Suddenly they did not want to impress us with their seven cruises. It was not that big a deal, but somehow it headed them off.”

A guest agreed saying: “I forgot about the cruise flexing! So irritating. I remember on my last cruise someone was bragging that he’d been to over 100 countries on cruises.

“Made me roll my eyes. Visiting a port for six hours does not count as travelling to a country. Moving to another country and learning the language is far more impressive to me.”

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