Cruise passenger moans about problem with balcony

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Balcony cabins on a cruise are a great way for passengers to enjoy the view. They are more expensive than interior or window cabins.

However, one passenger has said they found the balcony cabin “really annoying” due to an unforeseen issue.

They said on Reddit: “The only reason we booked a balcony stateroom was because we now have a three year old and she goes to sleep fairly early.

“We didn’t want to miss out on sitting outside and relaxing when she was sleeping. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m hyper sensitive due to not wanting my toddler being woken from her nap early or if the constant door slamming would still really annoy me.

“Honestly I think it would still really annoy me. I know that whenever I close any door on the ship, even if it’s a door going out on a deck, I will hold onto the door and make sure it doesn’t slam shut.

“It doesn’t take but five seconds to be courteous and close a door without letting it slam shut.

“No one would do it in their home so I’m not sure why people allow their balcony door to slam shut every time they walk in and out.”

Due to the wind, cabin doors will often slam if the balcony door is left ajar by cruise passengers.

Another passenger advised: “If it’s an issue for you, you could pick your ship and stateroom based on this.

“Carnival have a lot of swinging balcony doors, whereas in other lines they are mostly or exclusively sliders.”

A sliding balcony door will prevent the balcony door from slamming although the main cabin door may still slam if the balcony is left open.

However, some guests weren’t that sympathetic with one saying: “Expecting this is just setting yourself up for frustration.

“The doors naturally slam and most people aren’t going to slowly close them. You’ve really never heard doors slamming on a cruise ship before?”

A guest added: “That is true. Wind is a thing. I have never had this issue but maybe I have been lucky.”

A passenger said: “Our door randomly shut on us all the time when we were out on our balcony.

“It just happens, especially with the rocking of the ship.”

Another guest added: “We get balcony rooms for the same reason as you. My advice would be to bring a sound machine with you next time.

“If it’s not doors slamming it’s drunk people yelling down the hall. It happens. The sound machine helps block the noise out and keeps me at ease with my little one.”

While door slamming may be annoying, even passengers in interior cabins may struggle with unwanted noise.

Cabins near the ship’s elevators may get a lot of noise from people using the lift throughout the night.

On a cruise with lots of partying passengers, guests could be disturbed by drunk passengers in the hallways.

However, some cruise lines will be geared towards passengers who like peace and quiet and are likely to be quieter.

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