Cruise passenger warned of ‘obvious’ packing mistake to avoid

Packing for a cruise holiday can be a struggle but there are a few key tips that take the stress out of the experience.

A Reddit user ‘ragingstallion1’ said: “Seems obvious but apparently not everyone does it. Always keep your medications and a change of clothes in your carry on bag.”

On a cruise, passenger’s main luggage is usually taken by the crew and delivered to their room in the afternoon.

This means that guests won’t have access to it until later on in the day so will need to pack everything they’ll need urgently in their carry on bag.

It’s essential to have any medications in carry-on luggage and suncream is another important item not to forget.

Another passenger ‘HalfManHalfCyborg’ said: “Bring your swimwear in your carry-on bag, so you can enjoy the pool and hot tubs on embarkation day.”

The pool is bound to be busy during the cruise so the first day could be the ideal time to enjoy it.

Cruise lines usually provide pool towels for guests so passengers shouldn’t have to worry about bringing a towel in their carry on.

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However, another passenger ‘wacky-mom’ disagreed. They said: “Everyone says put on your swimsuit, but I don’t agree with that.

“Learn the ship. You have many days to use a pool or a hot tub and I’m sure you’ve used those before. Nothing exciting there.”

If guests don’t want to take a dip on the first day, they could use the time to explore the ship and get to grips with their surroundings.

The first day is also the ideal time to book any experiences, performances or specialty restaurants.

Guests who want to visit the spa could also get a tour of the venue and make any appointments.

The passenger added: “Don’t be afraid to talk to people, you’d be surprised how chatty people are on the cruise.”

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