Cruise passengers warned over itinerary issue – ‘can cause problems’

Italy: Cruise ship breaks moorings in Ravenna

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From Scandinavia to the Caribbean, each popular cruise destination has something different to offer. But sometimes cruise guests don’t get exactly what they want.

One irritated passenger told Reddit that they were on a two week cruise in Norway and had had one of their stops cancelled.

They said this was because the ship ended up leaving late and the line had then switched one of the destinations.

They said: “If it’s realistic, I’d like to get some form of compensation as I was not planning to return back to Norway after this trip.”

Another passenger replied: “Although your experience sucks and I would be so disappointed, I think this is all covered by the fine print when you book.”

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Due to weather conditions and other factors beyond the cruise company’s control, passengers might not qualify for compensation if their itinerary changes.

This will usually be listed in the terms and conditions when passengers book their cruise holiday.

Another guest said: “You can expect nothing for the changes to itinerary besides reimbursement of any costs incurred for things like missed excursions.

“The terms and conditions you agreed to upon booking largely give the cruise line free reign to change to the itinerary at their discretion.”

One passenger added: “This is the nature of travel. Everything depends on the weather, and technical mistakes can cause problems too.

“You just have to embrace the journey and alter your expectations.”

Cruise holidays are more impacted by the weather than other forms of travel due to dangerous sea conditions.

A ship may not be able to leave port if the sea is dangerously rough or if there is a storm approaching.

However, the majority of cruise lines will plan their itineraries around the weather so passengers won’t often have to deal with disruption.

Cruise ships also have to navigate different countries’ laws and Covid restrictions which could change at short notice.

In certain cases, a ship may have to change course if passengers will no longer be able to disembark.

Recently some passengers were angered when they found out that their Arabia & World Cup Voyage would no longer dock in Qatar.

The Azamara Quest was due to arrive in Qatar on November 21, the day of the first World Cup matches.

Passengers were expecting to spend time in Doha and attend matches if they had tickets to the games.

However, the cruise line was forced to drop the World Cup segment after Qatar announced it would ban cruise ships from entering during the tournament.

Several passengers told The Independent that they were “disappointed” with the itinerary change.

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