Cruise secrets: Don’t book these cabins – unless you’re willing to take very big risk

Cruise ship holidays are an excellent opportunity to let one’s hair down and enjoy the time away. Cruises can be as expensive or cheap as you like thanks to the plethora of cruise voyages available. No matter which cruise you choose, you will always have to decide what sort of cabin you’d like.


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While you might only spend nighttime sleeping in the room, it’s important your happy with your choice of cabin.

Picking the wrong one might end up marring your holiday.

A cruise ship expert has shared his advice on cabins – and there’s one type you might want to steer clear of.

Adam Coulter, UK Managing Editor at Cruise Critic, explained why you might want to avoid guarantee cabins.

“A guarantee cabin isn’t actually a type of cabin but, rather, a method of booking a cabin,” clarified Coulter.

“You pick a minimum cabin level you’d be comfortable in, and the cruise line assigns you a cabin close to booking dates based on availability.”

Opting for guarantee cabins could prove to be a risk that may or may not work out for the better.

“Guarantee cabins can be worth the gamble for an upgrade, but if you want assurance that you won’t be in a pitching, noisy cabin, these cabins aren’t the way to go,” Coulter pointed out.

That said, there may be times that these types of bookings might well be sought-after.

This is especially the case for those on a budget hoping to save the pennies.

“The potential for an upgrade is appealing, and if you’re cruising on a budget and don’t have a particular issue with any of the cabin dilemmas listed above, then it could be worth your while to see what a guarantee might deliver,” said Coulter.

“But your guarantee also could place you squarely above the anchor, next to a crew entrance or below the theatre.


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“With guarantee cabins, you also lose your ability to complain about what you end up with.”

For those who want to enjoy peace and quiet in their cabin, there are certain rooms to avoid.

“Always pay close attention to where your cabin is located!” advised Coulter.

“Cabins directly below the pool deck, nightclub, theatre or bar are subject to loud noise – day and night.

“Also – beware of cabins toward the front of the ship on the lower decks near the engine or the anchor.

“When the ship pulls into port early in the morning, the sound of the anchor slowly dropping will wake even the heaviest of sleepers.”

Coulter advises that those who struggle with slumber may want to go for an inside cabin where there is plenty of darkness.

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