‘Don’t like it but it works’ – Seasickness cure for cruises

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Many guests say they can’t feel the movement of a cruise ship. Unfortunately some unlucky passengers struggle with seasickness.

Ashley Kosciolek is a cruise expert at the Points Guy. She told Express.co.uk an essential item to pack for a cruise holiday.

She said: “In addition to patches or pills like Bonnie or Dramamine, ginger candies are good to have on hand as remedies if you become seasick because they help to calm your stomach.

“They also double as lozenges if you find your mouth getting dry on your pre-cruise flight.

“I’ll be honest, I don’t like the flavour of ginger, but it really does work!”

Ginger is a great natural cure for seasickness and could help nauseous cruise passengers recover.

It can reduce nausea and works as a treatment for motion sickness for some sickly passengers.

Peppermint is also thought to reduce nausea and can be consumed as sweets, gum, mints or tea.

Passengers could also try drinking a cup of ginger tea if they feel unwell on their cruise holiday.

Celebrity Cruises also advises that passengers rest if they feel unwell from the motion of the ship.

Exhaustion and lack of sleep could make guests more susceptible to seasickness or motion nausea.

Some cruise ships will also offer passengers anti-nausea medicine at the guest services desk.

If not, passengers may be able to purchase medicine or anti-nausea cures at the ship’s shops.

Fresh air can also help passengers to feel better and guests should keep their eye on the horizon.

Ashley told Express.co.uk that she also packs another unusual item when she goes on a cruise holiday.

She said: “If you’re a solo traveller, you can skip this one, but if you’re travelling with a friend or family member, take heed.

“When you’re already sharing close quarters and a bathroom, the last thing you also want to share is smell from the latter.

“If you’re trying to limit your liquids, simply use a spray or two of the perfume or cologne you’re bringing anyway, or pack a solid air freshener.”

Some cruise lines may offer passengers air fresheners in their cabin bathrooms but this isn’t a given.

As cabins on cruise ships are often very small, guests may want to pack an air freshener to avoid unwelcome smells.

Solid air freshener can also help passengers to get around airline liquid rules if they’re flying on their cruise.

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