‘Really annoying’ Cruise tourists slammed by locals – ‘stupid tourist’

Italy: Cruise ship breaks moorings in Ravenna

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Some popular cruise ports around the globe receive thousands of cruise tourists a day during peak season. While cruise passengers enjoy seeing a wide range of destinations on one trip, some local residents are less happy about the ships.

In cities such as Venice, Barcelona and Marseille, residents have led campaigns to restrict the number of cruise ships visiting.

Anguilla, a stunning Caribbean island, recently said it would continue to ban cruise ships to maintain its reputation as a luxury destination.

Bar Harbor, a top destination in Maine, USA, recently voted to limit the number of cruise ships allowed.

On Reddit, some people have shared their opinions about cruise tourists and many were angry about the ships.

One regular cruiser said: “I cruise and completely agree, cruisers are really annoying.

“This is especially true in areas that just can’t and shouldn’t accommodate 3,000 or more people dumping themselves into an ancient small town.

“I will never cruise Venice or other small ports of call. A cruise is maybe beneficial in Alaska, Hawaii or maybe Western Mexico.”

Another tourist added: “You can easily imagine a cruise tourist spending the day in Venice with the only contribution to the Venice economy being a gelato purchase.”

Venice has now banned cruise ships and lines have had to look for a way to get around the strict rules.

One ship recently shipped guests into Venice using smaller motorboats while others dock in Ravenna and offer bus trips to passengers.

Another commenter said: “No hotel stays. No real exploration away from the direct port area. No dinner or nightlife expenditures.

“And cruise lines are dedicated to keeping as much revenue internally as possible, so they actively try to keep people in areas and excursions they control.”

Cruise tourists often don’t spend a lot of money in the destinations they visit as their needs are catered to onboard.

Cruise ships also offer excursions to their customers which may not always benefit the local community.

Another person said: “I’d be p* off too if this giant ship showing up on the daily did not support the actual locals.

“Instead, the cruise line is the one keeping most of the revenue, it’s designed that way. To have a cruise ship show up and use massive amounts of resources while not sharing the benefits with the locals.”

However, one person thought the issue depended on the destination as some businesses are dependent on cruise tourists.

They said: “Some well positioned thriving places might be better off generally if cruises did not visit.

“Some places would shrivel up and die if they didn’t. The same locals who literally survive off of tourist dollars constantly b* about the stupid tourists.”

Other cruise passengers said they would often book another holiday to the destinations they enjoyed the most on the cruise.

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