‘Stressful’ – Cruise guests issue passenger warning over port travel

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Unless a cruise departs from the UK, cruise passengers will often have to start their holiday with a flight. But passengers will need to take care when they book a cruise holiday.

One new cruise passenger asked Reddit: “Is it safe to fly into port the morning of the day of departure?

“And if so, what time should you plan on arriving?”

Cruise passengers can choose to book their flights with the cruise line which may be cheaper.

However, if guests want to organise their own flights they will be able to pick the departure time and airport.

The majority of passengers warned guests not to fly to the departure city on the day of the cruise.

One said: “I have done that once, do not recommend it. Unbelievably stressful, especially when for some reason you can’t get an Uber to the port.”

Cruise ports are often a long way from the airport and passengers may struggle to arrange their own transport.

In some countries, taxi services such as Uber aren’t readily available or may be very busy at the airport.

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Another passenger added: “We missed our embarkation in 2019. Thought we had lots of time.

“Our first flight was delayed, causing us to miss our connection, arriving in Montreal with no flights to get us there before the ship left.”

A flight delay could mess up a passenger’s journey and cause them to miss their embarkation time.

If this happens, passengers will normally need to travel to the next port to catch the ship which will be at their own expense.

One passenger advised: “My husband and I personally do not fly in the morning of. We always save up to fly in the day before and stay at a nearby hotel.

“If you have the budget I highly recommend you do that. It could save you a lot of unnecessary stress.”

Staying at a port hotel the night before the cruise leaves will ensure passengers catch the ship.

Some cruise lines might be able to offer passengers deals on hotels or guests could spend a few days in the departing city.

One passenger who said they had cruised over 25 times said they always fly in the day before the cruise.

They advised: “This rule comes from experience at the enormous stress of missing or almost missing a cruise ship.

“When you book with a cruise line, you don’t have the benefit of changes unless you pay a fee.

“The positive is if you miss the cruise and purchase through the cruise line, they will get you to the next port. Remember, you miss a day or two of your vacation though.”

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