The Cruise: ‘Snobby’ passenger complains about cabin ‘So small you can’t swing a mouse’

The Cruise: Passengers compare cabins

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Channel 5 joined Virgin Voyages on a five night child free cruise in the Caribbean. Most guests couldn’t wait for the trip but some were harder to please.

Market research executive Jane had been given the cruise trip by her friends for her birthday.

It was the lucky passenger’s first ever cruise despite “going all over the world” on former holidays.

However, problems arose when Jane found out that her friends had the best suite on the ship while Jane had a standard cabin.

Jane’s friends had their own butler and bath in their ‘Mega Rockstar’ cabin which costs around £10,000 per trip.

Jane had a standard room with a flatscreen TV, mini bar and complimentary Wifi, a far cry from her friends’ exclusive cabin.

She said: “My cabin is so small, you can’t swing a mouse in it. Never mind a cat. I’m just worried that I won’t find it after a few drinks.”

Jane added: “I was a bit sniffy, I was a bit of a snob about cruises before. I was a bit like, I’m not doing a cruise, I’m not a sheep.

“I looked at some of the luxury cruises over the years and they looked too stuffy with white tablecloths.”

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At lunch, Jane was impressed by her food, saying: “This is my favourite kind of restaurant.”

Luckily, restaurant manager Jayson, maintained the highest standards to impress Jane at dinner.

His exacting standards were enough to impress tricky customer Jane who was “wowed” by the culinary experience.

A convert to cruising, Jane loved the evening acrobatic show and enjoyed a bespoke cocktail at the ship’s bar.

Elsewhere, crew couple Callum and Cielo enjoyed a rare afternoon trip ashore together.

Callum works as a stage rigger in the entertainment team while Cielo is one of the ship’s many housekeepers.

The besotted couple faced a dilemma as Cielo had applied for a promotion which would see the pair separated.

Callum also had to cope with organising the show stopping acrobatic performance while the wind was rocking the ship.

The stage performers were unsure whether to go ahead with the show during the rough weather or postpone the whole performance.

However, after some hard work, the acrobats managed to wow the audience with death defying feats.

One couple even got matching tattoos on the cruise because they enjoyed their trip with Virgin Voyages so much.

The Cruise continues at 9pm on Sunday July 10 on Channel 5.

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