The Ethiopian School Readiness Initiative celebrates 10 years ·

The Ethiopian School Readiness Initiative celebrates 10 years

For over the past ten years, the Ethiopian School Readiness Initiative (ERSI) has prepared over 45,000 children from disadvantaged Ethiopian homes to succeed in school and to assist them in achieving academic, behavioral, and social goals as they grow into adults.  In addition to the children, over 2,000 teachers in 67 schools in Ethiopia have benefited and participated in ESRI programs over the last decade.

ESRI is a comprehensive preschool program for disadvantaged children in Ethiopia, and the organization partners with the Ethiopian Bureau of Education to implement its programs.  The Executive Director of the Program in Ethiopia is Dr. Menelik Desla, who has led the effort on the ground and was instrumental in ESRI receiving a highly acclaimed award of accomplishment from the Ethiopian Bureau of Finance and Economic Development, the primary government oversight organization.

“ESRI takes a holistic family approach to the assistance we provide the school age children in our program. Parent training is a critical part of the program along with basic physical and mental health services, nutritional guidance and vocational skills for mothers to start businesses and help support their children,” said Irving Fish, MD, Chair ESRI, Chair Pediatric Neurology (ret) NYU Langone Health.

This year, ESRI will honor three distinguished individuals who have contributed their skills, energy, and support to the ESRI mission. The honorees will be celebrated at an annual benefit and ceremony at the Century Association on Monday, April 30, 2018, and they include Dr. Sol Levine, Professor Emeritus in Psychiatry at the University of California San Diego, Ann Garland, Ph.D., Professor and Chair of the Department of School, Family, and Mental Health at the University of San Diego, and esteemed Connecticut educator Eva Mayer.

For further information on the benefit or to donate online please go to: For additional information on ESRI, please visit their website.

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