Automatic check-in service now available as an app ·

Automatic check-in service now available as an app

  • AirlineCheckins is available as an iOS and Android app as of now
  • The automatic check-in service for more than 200 airlines around the world is being complemented by new features and services
  • The service is now also available as a B2B solution and can easily be integrated into corporate travel management systems

When does the check-in start? What is my booking code? How do I get my favorite seat on the plane? Users of the AirlineCheckins check-in service no longer have to ask these questions. As of now, the solution is also available as an iOS and Android app in the respective app stores. The app, which was developed by the Lufthansa Innovation Hub, makes the service more transparent and easier to use, and forms the basis for further travel services related to passengers’ flights.

Specifically, this means that AirlineCheckins will continue to check users in automatically for their flights, taking into account their individual seating preferences. The service works for every airline that offers online check-in. Once you sign up for the service, you will never have to worry about checking in again. With the new app, airline passengers can now monitor the check-in status of their flights and manage their flights at all times. Personal information such as seating preferences, frequent flyer programs or travel partners can all be updated in the app. The app also has an alert feature that automatically notifies you of the current flight status and gate changes. The functions of the app are now to be continuously expanded and extended by additional services. The launch of a subscription model that gives app users access to lounges at airports and free Wi-Fi access on board is currently in the planning stage.

The basis for the development of the AirlineCheckins app was the feedback given by 2,500 AirlineCheckins users whom the Lufthansa Innovation Hub surveyed about the service. The app is now to start the next evolutionary stage of the service. “Our users are fans of automatic check-ins. With the app, we are now responding to the need for greater transparency and faster access to the service. Moreover, the survey has given us valuable insights into how we can further develop the service for our frequent flyers. On this basis, we are now continually expanding our app with additional travel services,” says Kristian Weymar, AirlineCheckins Project Lead at the Lufthansa Innovation Hub.

AirlineCheckins as a corporate solution
AirlineCheckins is now also available as a B2B solution for businesses. Thanks to a newly developed programming interface (API), the check-in solution can be smoothly integrated into corporate travel management systems. Company employees are then automatically checked in for all business trips. Initial B2B partnerships were realized with online travel agencies and a large consultancy firm. The integration makes sense for all companies whose employees travel a lot. For details on AirlineCheckins as a corporate solution, go to

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