Mount Victoria wins Writing NSW’s perfect setting for a ghost story ·

Mount Victoria wins Writing NSW’s perfect setting for a ghost story

Horror writers may soon be descending upon Mount Victoria, after the Blue Mountains town took out first place in Writing NSW’s competition to name the perfect setting for a ghost story.

Bo Henley won for the following:

‘Mount Victoria: Home of Henry Lawson’s “Ghost of the Second Bridge” (Victoria Pass) and known to have two resident ghosts that flit in and around the railway station. It’s a tiny town with dimly lit streets, a causeway (road) that disappears into the night, and two red eyes that appear on certain nights at the end of Platform Two.’

The Blue Mountains was considered to be rather spirited with Katoomba also being shortlisted. Tania Walker’s wrote that ‘Katoomba is undoubtedly as haunted as they come; as a mountain town, it endures eerie snowy winters full of bare branches rattling the windowpanes, and the character of the town in itself invites intrigue, ringing with the echoes of cults and gothic settlers and desperate bushrangers.’

Lismore was short listed for Madeline Shaw’s entry, ‘I met a man who didn’t believe in ghosts until walking home one night, along a moonlit Lismore country lane, a ghost, young, male, stepped from the creek and through the wire fence, right in front of him.’

Other shortlisted towns included Braidwood, Lightning Ridge, Mudgee, Gravesend, Broken Hill, Pilliga and Lismore.

After 27 years serving the writers of the state, the NSW Writers’ Centre has changed its name to Writing NSW to reflect its expanded scope, including growing digital platforms and the range of programs it offers at its premises in Callan Park, Lilyfield, and elsewhere.

The next investigative question to scribes is

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