Travel Retrospective 2018 ·

With Christmas travel league done and dusted, painkillers failing to deaden the embarrassment of those awkward dance moves at the after party…. but hey, everyone is human….

2018, is just about done.

One more week of trade to go, and then for many some well earned rest.

I know from our perspective I am pretty keen for a rest. Whilst our merger has been more successful than we could have possibly hoped for (in no small part to an astounding level of diligent effort from a ton of people) it’s a tiring process. To start it’s a new job on top of the old job.

I’m quite looking forward to mowing the lawn and mulling things over. But it’s pretty exciting to

Next year will continue to be challenging. Challenges create opportunities – so who are you going to be – one who steps up, steps out and hit the ground running in 2019 or let someone else make the decisions for you?

Here’s five things to consider for your planning 2019

Technology still hasn’t trumped people

I love coming to work because I have a wonderful group of people in my office . They are an awesome team, they are at times incredibly irreverent towards me and I give them full authority to be exactly that way! They make all of our customers happy and in turn, they make my job easier.

This is still a people business. If those people are complaining bitterly on glassdoor there is a very good chance it’s gonna be a tough company to deal with when things get tough.

Advice: start by getting the right people and treating them better than they expect.

Broken suppliers

There has definitely been challenges with suppliers going broke this year which sends chills down the spines of agents. Losing or choosing not to have ATAS accreditation has scared enough people to validate that there is still perceived brand value in AFTA. That’s a good thing.

Advice: ask the questions!

(For the record we have ATAS and are one of the very few companies trading in Pacific who have a high credit worthiness rating from S&P as well as ISO accreditation. Got a question? Have no fear calling!)

It’s an election year

Up and down and about six weeks out everyone stops spending money and goes into a panic mode. Then the day after someone is elected, probably a change in government, the sun rises and we get on with business again. But it will freak people out. Always does.

Advice: Build the humour of the election into your marketing.

Global Politics

Politics has no place in travel! But just now, Trump, Trudeau, Jinping, Brexit, Huawei and Putin I changing that landscape every day. It might mean a little more hostility at customs, it probably means that your data will be stolen without you knowing  and worst-case,  you can’t get back into the UK because as far as Europe is concerned, it doesn’t exist anymore.

Advice: no fake news is fun to use

Housing market

It’s great that more people can afford to buy houses but the banks are making it harder for them to borrow money. And if they buy houses, they annoyingly might stop spending money on holidays they couldn’t afford.  But it’s going to push down interest rates….

Advice: don’t sell travel products but holiday dreams that invest in personal joy and enlightenment.

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