Speilsalen Restaurant in Trondheim wins first Michelin Star ·

Speilsalen Restaurant in Trondheim wins first Michelin Star

Speilsalen, the gastronomic tasting menu restaurant at the newly renovated Britannia hotel in Trondheim, Norway, was awarded its first Michelin star during last night’s Nordic countries awards ceremony.

“A dream has come true,” said Head Chef Christopher Davidsen about both the Michelin success and the task of creating his first signature restaurant, Speilsalen. “I am very proud of my team and what we have achieved in less than a year. It is also very gratifying to see even more Norwegian restaurants receiving well-deserved honors and recognition from the guide.”

“It is fantastic that Christopher and the team at Britannia have received a star after such a short time. I really didn’t expect that. Christopher is a visible proof of the winning culture we want to have in Reitangruppen,” said proud Britannia owner, Odd Reitan.

Just ten months was all Bocuse d´Or silver award-winning Chef Davidsen, aged 36, needed to bring home a Michelin star in the hotel’s first year of operation – a feat that was met with cheers in Olavshallen, the concert hall in Trondheim, during the first-ever Nordic Michelin Awards in Norway.

“The Michelin star follows a number of fantastic reviews in national and international press, praising both our food and the newly renovated hotel. We are incredibly happy and humbled by the response,” said Britannia Hotel Director, Mikael Forselius.

Trondheim Mayor, Rita Ottervik, was among the guests who joined the celebrations when Speilsalen received its first Michelin star:

“This means a lot to Trondheim. We now have three Michelin restaurants. This greatly contributes to putting the city on the map, nationally and internationally, as the food capital of Norway. We are very proud! We have a strong culinary culture in Trondheim and Trøndelag, which has been built up over time, with world-class restaurants and ingredients,” said Ottervik.

The historical Britannia Hotel in Trondheim, Norway’s third largest city, re-opened in April 2019, following a three-year, $160 million, top-to-toe refurbishment. The historic hotel was also the venue for the official Michelin awards cocktail dinner and after party on the night of the awards, with Michelin Guide Director, Gwendal Poullennec, and his 500 guests.

For more information about Britannia, Speilsalen and all dining, spa and other activities at the hotel, please visit: https://britannia.no/en/.


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