Labyrinths can help you stay centered in a stressful world

People are continually engaged with smartphones and other devices that tether them to all the stresses and dramas of the world. But a little peace  may be just a few steps away.

Relief can come in the form of a labyrinth.

Throughout Arizona, in locations public and private, out in the open or tucked away, there are labyrinths where those who choose to walk the winding paths can clear their minds, let go of stress and find a little tranquility even in the bustle of the city.

There are more than 100 labyrinths in Arizona, according to the World-wide Labyrinth Locator website.

Mary Ann Walsh of Scottsdale walks the labyrinth at the Franciscan Renewal Center to find some peace and quiet. It’s located toward the rear of the Scottsdale campus with views of the nearby mountains.

“Do you feel like you’re on Lincoln Drive back here?” Walsh said. “Not at all. It’s like being transported to a different place. It’s so peaceful here.”

Walsh said she walks the labyrinth for a variety of reasons.

“Sometimes I’ll go in with an intention,” she said. “Maybe a question that I need an answer to. Maybe a problem to solve.”

A labyrinth history lesson

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