Saudi Arabia begins extending residence permits for expats outside the kingdom

Kingdom has implemented some of the most severe Covid-19 restrictions globally, but has slowly begun to reopen as economic recovery continues

Saudi Arabia has begun automatically extending residence permits for expatriates outside the kingdom in addition to extending the validity of visit visas and exit and re-entry visas without fees or charges for all expatriates until November 30.

The Saudi General Directorate of Passports said the extension will be carried out electronically, Saudi Press Agency reported. The UAE has also said it will allow those who hold valid residence visas to return, even if they’ve been abroad for over six months.

Saudi Arabia’s extension, which was issued by the Minister of Finance, falls within the continuing efforts of the Saudi government to deal with the repercussions of Covid-19 pandemic and ensure the safety of Saudi citizens and residents, SPA reported.

The kingdom, which implemented some of the most severe Covid-19 restrictions globally, has slowly begun to return reopen as economic recovery continues. Flights between the UAE and Saudi Arabia had been suspended since early July, but services resumed last week, and searches for flights between countries increased 1,700 percent after the announcement.

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