Honolulu museum to host Easter Island exhibit

Honolulu’s Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum will debut a new exhibit dedicated to Easter Island this November. 

“Rapa Nui: The Untold Stories of Easter Island” explores the cultural, scientific and artistic contributions of the island, known as Rapa Nui in Polynesia, highlighting some of its lesser-known stories.  

The exhibit, on display until May 5, will delve into Rapa Nui’s unique environment, history, and how the island community is striving for sustainability in a global context. The exhibit will include a collection of 30 kai kai, string figures used to tell stories, an immersive rock garden and a full-sized, 3D model of an eight-foot tall moai, the large stone statues identified with Easter Island.
A complementary exhibit, “Ka Ui: Contemporary Art from Rapa Nui,” will feature works by eight Rapa Nui-based artists who explore Rapanui identity, politics, the environment, and ancient art forms through contemporary media including sculpture, photography and painting.

For visitors to Easter Island, its Museo Antropologico Padre Sebastian Englert (MAPSE) will run a concurrent exhibit “Hare Taoa, Hare Taŋata” from Nov. 13 through February.

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