NYC: A Playground for Kids

Pint-size visitors are more than welcome to the city that never sleeps. In fact, a slew of new attractions geared specifically towards kids can fill up your entire vacation. And they’re actually pretty fun for big people, too.

Slime Museum (Sloomoo Institute)

Slime museum, also known as the Sloomoo Institute, is a pop-up museum that plans to stick around until April. This was the highlight of our tween’s recent trip, and let’s just say she’s difficult to please. There were buckets upon buckets of slime in different colors, textures and scents. You can play with the slime, throw the slime, step in the slime and even make-your-own slime at a massive slime-making station. Pro tip: Don’t bring your slime home in your carry-on—it’ll be removed by TSA as it’s technically a gel.


Make-your-own-ice-cream at the colorful, new ice cream parlor on the Upper East Side, CoolMess. There are tons of choices to be made—What should your ice-cream base be? What fillings do you want? Do you want them to be mixed in or on top? Here, you get to be your own ice-cream chef, and they take this very seriously. We made a chocolate ice-cream with banana, peanut butter cups and Heath Bar. We plan on submitting our recipe to Ben & Jerry’s.

Milk & Cookies Spa

When you’re done making your own ice-cream, wander around the corner to Milk & Cookies, a new spa just for kids. All treatments are dessert-inspired, including the S’mores & Cookies manicure and the Lemon Berry Facial. They also offer hair cuts and styles, along with colored hair extensions and ear piercing.

‘I Spy With My Little Eye’ at New Museum

We could have stayed here all day. Each visitor gets to take a few tests throughout the museum to determine what type of spy they’d be—which is undoubtedly the best part for the kids—and there are so many interesting exhibits about real spies throughout history. You’ll learn about surveillance techniques, hacking and even breaking codes. Fans of James Bond can opt to spend a little extra for an exhibit just about him, his Aston Martins and his films.

Pip’s Island

Time Square’s Pip’s Island is a new show that allows kids and their keepers to embark on a 60-minute journey through different rooms inhabited by friendly monsters, bubbles and underwater creatures, all with the goal of finding their inner spark and save the day. Each room has a separate challenge for the kids, some of which include finding gemstones, dancing and solving puzzles. The small group of explorers, as they’re deemed, get very involved in their mission. Post-show, wander over to Dave & Busters to de-compress.

Dylan’s Candy Bar

Dylan’s Candy Bar may not be new in NYC, but they’re opening locations throughout the country. When you’re in the area, be sure to check out the flagship location here. Deemed as more of an experience than simply a store, there’s more than 7,000 types of candies here, including an entire display of the favorite candies of celebs, an oversized lollipop tree, real staircases made out of candy and dripping chocolate shelves. It felt like we were on the set of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Kanga’s Indoor Playspace

Kanga’s Indoor Playspace, just two subway stops from Manhattan in Long Island City, is a new playspace with bouncy houses, a ball pit, slides, a toddler play area, a cafe and even a merry-go-round. Pay once and stay all day, which is ideal for rainy days or getting over jet lag.

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