Food and Drink Options Revealed for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

Theme park fans are ecstatic over the opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, and Disneyland officials have introduced themed food and drink options to make the experience fully immersive.

When the Star Wars themed lands open May 31 at Disneyland Park in California and August 29 at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Florida, guests will be able to add taste and smell to the wondrous sights and other sensations found within Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

Disney Parks food and beverage creative teams developed a diverse and distinctive menu that will assist in the storytelling and attention to detail. For example, the Black Spire Outpost will have a farm-to-table feel due to the remote location of the planet Batuu.

As for Oga’s Cantina, guests will be able to enjoy fun drinks, such as the spicy Bloody Rancor, the foamy Fuzzy Tauntaun or the fruity Carbon Freeze. At Ronto Roasters, travelers will be able to imbibe in the stall’s signature Ronto Wrap and a Tatooine Sunset specialty drink.

The themed land will also feature the Milk Stand, which will feature Blue Milk and Green Milk frozen blends of exotic tastes and fruity accents. At the Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo, foodies will be able to enjoy smoked Kaadu ribs, Fried Endorian Tip-yip and Batuu-bon for dessert.

Mobile ordering through the Disneyland app will be available for Ronto Rosters, Milk Stand and Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo.

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