Set up an escape room at home

At the moment we are deprived of our usual fun time in entertainment centres, going out with friends and family. We are all locked up at home and there no way to break the routine and escape. Wait! What if you can escape without leaving the house. Set an escape room indoors and have fun with your dear ones. Kids especially will welcome a new exciting game.

Here is a guide for you on how to set up a home escape room


Define the theme

It can be a movie, a book you all read, a video game or something absolutely new. If you lack ideas for the theme, look up for inspiration at

Create a scenario

Think through the path the players will follow and all the clues they’ll need. It’s the most important step in setting up your escape room. Don’t make it too simple but consider also the age and abilities of the players. If it’s too difficult, players may feel like quitting on it. The game should be fun first of all.

Collect the artefacts

Look around for any objects that can be used as clues and as decoration. Your room shouldn’t look like a real escape game of course. But with a bit of imagination, ideas from internet and a pinch of creativity you may even craft the artefacts. Players will appreciate the efforts. Besides it’s a great time killer if that’s what you need now. See if anyone wants to help you with it.

Come up with a prize

If players lack motivation, let them know they’ll be rewarded at the end. These can be some little things. You can make or order a pizza for them or wash dishes for two days in a row if they make it in time.

Follow up the game

Your support and the hints may be needed at any time. So don’t leave the players alone and be there for them. Though don’t let them abuse your help.

Home-made escape rooms won’t give you the same experience you get in the real one. At the same time it’s a proven way to exercise your brain, break the routine of sitting at home and spend some quality time with your dear ones.

Once life gets back to normal, come over to Escape Hour and play it for real. By that time you’ll be an expert already. It will be able to appreciate the design of the room and the scenario from a perspective of creator.