Flip out on the 12 U.S. roller coasters with the most inversions

Do you love roller coasters? You are going to flip for these rides. No, really.

The thrill machines listed here will turn you upside down and right-side up with all kinds of inverting elements. In fact, you will flip more for these 12 record-breaking coasters than any others at parks in the U.S. Eleven of them have seven head-over-heels moments each, and are tied for the second-most number of inversions. One of the coasters, which will debut later this year, will run circles around the rest of the pack with a total of nine flipped-out moments.

We’re not just talking about simple loops. These coasters incorporate a variety of diabolical track permutations to get passengers completely discombobulated – and perhaps a bit queasy. If you plan on challenging any of them, heed my advice: Lay off the funnel cakes and nachos until after you ride.

Steel Curtain, which is slated to open this season at Kennywood in Pittsburgh, will be themed to the hometown NFL heroes and will be located in a new section of the park called Steelers Country. Rising 220 feet and hitting a top speed of 76 mph, it will deliver a wild ride. But it is the records that it will tackle that will truly set Steel Curtain apart (and require passengers to have nerves of steel).

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