‘I’m going to Disney World’: Disney’s annual Super Bowl parade canceled amid COVID-19, but ad still planned

ORLANDO, Fla. — Disney’s Super Bowl parade has been nixed, but the filming of the “I’m Going to Disney World” commercial after the big game is still on.

Officials at Walt Disney World said Friday that the theme park resort wouldn’t be hosting its annual Super Bowl parade this year featuring the game’s star players because of the coronavirus pandemic. But the resort still plans to film its annual ad after the game, usually featuring the Most Valuable Player looking at the camera and saying those famous words.

The ads have featured Super Bowl stars since 1987 when Phil Simms of the New York Giants first appeared following his team’s championship win.

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In the ads, the song “When You Wish Upon a Star” plays over shots of the featured player passing or running and scenes of fans screaming and jumping. At the end, an off-camera announcer acknowledges the Super Bowl win and asks the player, “What are you going to do next?”

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