Valentine’s Day 2021 Will Be The Best For These Zodiac Signs

Despite how romantic and sweet Valentine’s Day can be, there’s a lot of pressure riding on this holiday. After all, if you’re single, it might leave you feeling lonely. If you’re in a relationship, it might leave you and your partner scrambling to get everything done right. Between making a romantic dinner, buying the perfect bouquet of flowers, and gifting the most eye-catching heart-shaped box of chocolates, Valentine’s Day can also turn out to be a whole lot of work. If your already-high expectations aren’t met, it can even leave you feeling disappointed. Fortunately, the zodiac signs who will have the best Valentine’s Day 2021 don’t need to worry, because the cosmos are conspiring to make it the magical night you’ve been longing for.

First thing’s first: Just because Valentine’s Day is a holiday that might seem like it’s designed for couples doesn’t mean it’s only for couples. Valentine’s Day is a holiday for romantic love, platonic love, and of course, self-love. If you were born under the influence of Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius, Valentine’s Day will be a beautiful day whether you’re single or taken.

However, that doesn’t mean it won’t be without its problems either. After all, this is when affectionate Venus will be forming a square with combative Mars, which can infuse your V-Day experience with a whole lot of tension (and possibly even arguments). You might find yourself oscillating between extreme like and extreme dislike, as the energy will be intensely passionate. Thanks to the fact that Venus will also join forces with expansive and augmenting Jupiter, you might even notice whatever you’re feeling about your love life is being emphasized.

Luckily, Venus will also form a trine with the North Node on V-Day, which will guide your relationships toward betterment and improvement. Think with your higher self in mind and make decisions based on the relationship you would like to have. Here’s why air signs will have a particularly meaningful experience:

Gemini: You May Be Willing To Take A Leap Of Faith

Make no mistake, love is always a risk. The risk of rejection and getting your heart broken will always be there, no matter how picture perfect your situation may seem. However, does that mean that love is a risk not worth taking? After all, love opens doors within you that you never even knew were closed. It takes you places you’ve never been before. It introduces you to concepts, ideas, and emotions that you may have never known. This Valentine’s Day is showing you all the beautiful things that arrive when you choose love instead of holding your heart back, Gemini.

Libra: You Might Feel Open To Embracing A Romantic Adventure

This Valentine’s Day is about going against the grain and trying something new, Libra. Try going out on a date (even if it has to be virtual) with someone who wouldn’t normally be your "type." Since going out may not be an option this year, perhaps you could cook a fabulous dinner with your SO. Call up all your best friends for a "Pal"-entine’s Day — even if you celebrated Galentine’s Day the day before. Love is found in the most unexpected places, and if you’re feeling lonely or detached from all the excitement, reaching out and taking a chance on something different will help you rediscover all those feelings you’ve been searching for.

Aquarius: Love Is All Around You And You’re Loving It

Dive deep into the romance this year, Aquarius. Get as saccharine, cliché, and cheesy as you please. You might be a serious, aloof, and stoic Aquarius, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t something that always makes you swoon. Look inside your heart and reconnect with that one romantic concept that always gets you in the Valentine’s Day spirit. It might not be the standard bouquet of roses or the giant teddy bear as a gift. Instead, it might be something totally off the wall and random. All that matters is that it carries meaning that’s meant just for you.

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