Holidaymaker ‘disgusted’ by grim discovery at popular holiday destination

A tourist in Bali, Indonesia has described the “disgust” that she felt after her recent trip to the popular holiday destination.

Sara Walsh, 25, said she was shocked by the amount of trash floating in the ocean, where many tourists spend their days swimming and doing water sports.

Following the nightmare trip, she said: “I was disgusted.

“It felt gross jumping into the water. I stayed in for maybe 30 seconds.”

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The Massachusetts woman owns a sustainable swimwear company, named Siren Swim Co, and was visiting the Indonesian island for a business trip to the factory that makes her line of swimsuits.

Bali is a vacation destination island known for its surfing, volcanoes and home to thousands of Hindu temples.

Walsh was visiting the island with her younger brother in April and the pair were on a boat snorkelling when she made the “disgusting” discovery.

She said: “This was our first stop on the snorkeling trip. They took us to an area where you could see manta rays.

“The ocean surface was very obviously covered in trash and plastic. But the tour guides seemed to see no issue with this and automatically started getting people in the water.”

It wasn’t just Walsh who was perturbed by the grim find as she said, other vacationers jumped in the water and “quickly got back on the boat because of how disgusting the water was.”

Walsh said she had started her swimwear brand “with the mission to help clean up the oceans, all our suits are made from recycled plastic.”

She added: “I chose a factory in Bali because I had heard how bad their ocean pollution was, but to truly see it with my own eyes, it was appalling.

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“I took the video in hopes that it could raise awareness and convince more people to make an effort to clean up our oceans.”

Walsh described that other snorkeling hotspots where guides took the group were not as trashed, but highlighted that “it is truly terrible that we are the cause of all this trash being in our oceans.”

“I mostly feel for the animals in the ocean that are being subjected to all our trash,” she added.

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