Air France's New Safety Video Is Filled With Paris Views That'll Make You Swoon

A tour of the Louvre, walking the elegant steps of the Opéra Garnier, going for a stroll through the gardens of the Palace of Versailles… No trip to Paris is complete with these iconic stops.

And thanks to Air France's new safety video, you don't have to wait to feel like you're there.

The video, released Wednesday, takes viewers on a fast-paced voyage through France, from the beaches of the French Riviera and the vineyards of Provence to the banks of the Seine, lined with its famous book sellers. Head inside the Louvre to see a smirking Mona Lisa (the museum is currently undergoing a major renovation while it remains closed due to the pandemic), before heading up to the top of the Eiffel Tower to look out at the City of Light.

"With this new video, we are showcasing the best France has to offer in an emotionally engaging way," Catherine Villar, the SVP of customer experience at Air France, said in a statement. "All our teams here at Air France are ready to welcome our customers and highlight this French lifestyle, which is so dear to us, as soon as they board our flights. We can't wait to reopen the skies, flight after flight, with safety as our absolute and constant priority."

Throughout the video, a pair of flight attendants go over the safety features like seatbelts, life jackets, and emergency exits in both English and French, using their dreamy backgrounds for inspiration.

The safety video will be shown on board Air France long-haul flights starting March 1.

Air France isn't the only airline to jazz up its safety video, making it as entertaining as it is informative. In December, Alaska Airlines released an 80's-inspired (and COVID-19-friendly) video parodying the "Safety Dance" song by Men Without Hats with lyrics like "Well your friends don't mask and why don't they mask? Well they won't fly this airline."

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