Airline President Punished With 20 Percent Pay Cut for Drunk Pilot

Bosses are responsible for their employees, and one airline president understands that all too well.

Japan Airlines president Yuji Akasaka is taking a 20% pay cut from his salary from December through February all because of the actions of one of his employees.

Katsutoshi Jitsukawa was a Japan Airlines pilot who plead guilty to being 10 times over the legal limit for alcohol when he showed up to pilot a flight from London to Tokyo. Jitsukawa was handed a 10-month sentence in November.

Japan Airlines Co. apologized to its customers for the pilot’s behavior and is working to include better awareness and training for its employees. Perhaps, their most impressive move was the president’s pay cut.

Toshinori Shin, a senior managing executive officer, will also take a pay cut of ten percent. Shin and Akasaka voluntarily gave up part of their salaries in November.

Japan Airlines isn’t the only company who has had issues with inebriated pilots. Flydubai and British Airways both had problems with drunk pilots showing up for work this year.

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